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A heat stressed dairy cow.

FIDA Thermal Biology

Apr 29, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

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Cattle are classified as homeotherms because they seek to regulate their body temperature at a constant and high level. Conditions such as high air temperature, humidity, and extensive solar radiation cause heat stress that make it difficult for cattle to maintain their body temperature. Cattle exposed to heat stress are at an increased risk for alterations in physiology that compromise productivity and health.

After completion of this course, students should understand the scientific basis for management approaches to increase cow comfort during heat stress and reduce the impact of heat stress on the health and function of dairy cattle. This understanding will be gained by 1) learning how heat stress affects economically important traits in dairy cattle, 2) developing a comprehension of heat and temperature and how heat production and exchange is regulated by the cow, and 3) learning about various strategies to minimize the impact of heat stress on the dairy animal.

Instructor: Dr. Peter Hansen

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