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mounting behavior in dairy cattle

FIDA Reproductive Management

Apr 29, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

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Lactation depends upon successful reproduction. The profitability of a dairy operation depends upon the level of cow and heifer fertility. This course is designed to give the student the knowledge to develop on-farm programs to optimize reproductive function on the dairy farm. After completion of the course, the student should 1) understand the biology of reproduction in cattle, 2) learn management approaches and techniques for detection of estrus, artificial insemination, and hormonal control of the estrous cycle to program the timing of estrus and ovulation 3) understand management strategies for achieving pregnancies in first service lactating cows, resynchronized cows and heifers, 4) gain an appreciation for the epidemiology and management of anovular cows and how to reduce pregnancy loss, 5) learn how to measure reproductive performance, 6) understand the application of new reproductive technologies for dairy cattle reproduction, 7)  learn management approaches to reduce  the impact of heat stress on reproduction, 8) appreciate the role of genetics and genetic selection for determining reproductive performance, 9) learn how to minimize reproductive diseases through proper vaccination programs, 10) acquire knowledge of nutritional strategies to improve reproduction, and 11) understand how connection between reproduction and the economics of dairy production.  

Instructors: Dr. Peter Hansen, Dr. José E.P. Santos, Dr. John Bromfield, Dr. Rafael Bisinotto, Dr. Fiona Maunsell, Dr. Albert De Vries, Dr. Klibs Galvão

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